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December 2006
Deactivate the Current Text Frame
Using a ComboBox to Change the Field's Text
Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control 13.0 Released
November 2006
Creating New Text Field Classes
Service Pack 3 for TX Text Control 12.0 Released
InputPosition Inside or Outside a TextField
October 2006
Spell 3.7 Beta Including TX Text Control 13.0 Support
NaturallySpeaking SDK Now Supports TX Text Control
TX Text Control 13.0 Help and Support Center
Press Release: TX Text Control 13.0 is Released
TX Text Control 13.0 Released
September 2006
Creating New Styles with TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms
Inserting a Page Break Programmatically
August 2006
32-bit Server Applications on 64-bit Machines
TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms on 64-bit CPUs
Determine the Current Header or Footer
July 2006
SOAP Based Document Conversion
Deleting All Images in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms
Whitepaper: Hands On Mail Merge
Landscape Printing with a PrintDocument
June 2006
Build a Word Processor in 2 Minutes
AJAX Document Viewer Sample Released
Printing into a PrintDocument
May 2006
How to Build a Context Formatting Bar
Inserting Images from Memory
ClickOnce Deployment with Firefox
FontItalic on CTRL+i with TX Text Control ActiveX
April 2006
TX Template Designer Available Online
Getting the Input Position from the Mouse Position
Using ActiveX Controls with the Latest MSIE Patch
Does TX Text Control Fit My Requirements?
Copying the Complete Content into the Clipboard
March 2006
Changing FieldTypeData of a Specific Field
Protecting Parts of a Document
February 2006
Twips Per Pixel in .NET
Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control 12.0 Released
ClickOnce Deployment with TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms
Using the IsCommonValueSelected Property
January 2006
Modifying Styles in TX Text Control ActiveX
15 Years Word Processing Components
TX Text Control Feature Overview