After Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X13 has been released, we also updated the TXTextControl.Web MVC NuGet package that is now on version 23.0.304.500.

The new package contains fixes and updates and improvements.

Fixed Known Issues:

  • TXT-3732

    When EditMode is set to ReadAndSelect, the ribbon bar can be used to change formatting

  • TXT-3748

    Virtual keyboard didn't work in web editor since iOS 9.2

  • TXT-3771

    Cannot insert symbols into TextFrames using the ribbon menu

Changes and Improvements:

  • Scrollable Insert Merge Field drop-down menu

  • Removing window.onbeforeunload handler (on Windows with touch option, a dialog popped up when a page has been closed)

  • AngularJS compatibility: Removed href attribute from all anchor tags

  • Changing MVC image URL correction to avoid all 404 errors in the JS console

  • Suppressing exceptions, if editor is removed from the DOM

Make sure that you update the NuGet package in your Visual Studio project and read more about the updated package here: