As a software component vendor, we always followed the approach of API-first, one of the two trends in development besides mobile-first. We are building software libraries and APIs are our bread and butter.

But also, according this approach, end-user applications should be based on an APIs and should be split into Microservices. This strategy enables websites and apps for all platforms to be built on top of this API. You or your customers can easily build applications or services for future audiences and other platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android, web-apps and desktop applications.

Backend as a Service (BaaS) is a way for developers to use back-end, cloud-based services such as data storage or document generation. With Text Control ReportingCloud, we are bringing the most powerful, MS Word compatible, reporting engine to the cloud and make it accessible for your application on any platform.

ReportingCloud: Follow the API-first approach

The UNIX philosophy is: Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Microservices picked up this concept and even, if document and report generation is not a simple task (the name Microservice kind of implies that), you should not need to take care of this task. Using Text Control ReportingCloud, you outsource the creation and the workload to a dedicated, highly available service that does that one thing: Creating documents.

Text Control ReportingCloud will be the first Web API powered reporting service with a true WYSIWYG template editor compatible to all HTML5-capable browsers.

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