Even though our next release is still far away (we have a release cycle for major versions between 9 and 12 months), we would like to present new features and ideas regularly. We are working on additional features for all .NET platforms including Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET.

Today, we would like to show two new small, but very handy features of Web.TextControl. These features are not final, but it gives an idea of what is coming.

Client Clipboard Toggle

In the current version, in order to copy content from the local (client) clipboard to the document, a separate pop-up window is opened. This won't be longer required in version X14 (24.0). A toggle button controls the currently active clipboard.

Feature preview: Client clipboard and scrollable drop-downs

If the toggle button Use Local Clipboard is active, the user can paste content directly into the document using the keyboard short-cuts. If document content is selected and copied, automatically, the active clipboard switches to the server clipboard. This provides an efficient way to work with both clipboards.

Scrollable Drop-down Buttons

When working with larger data sources and many tables, scrollable drop-down buttons help to navigate to the desired list items. The opened list boxes adjust automatically to the size of Web.TextControl to provide a perfect user experience.

Feature preview: Client clipboard and scrollable drop-downs

Stay tuned for more features.