At Text Control, the privacy and data security is our top priority. Using Cloud-based services is a decision that requires trust, but also policies, best practices and technology. We operate a web service that merges templates with potentially sensitive data to create documents in various formats such as PDF or MS Word. We deliver software and services to enterprises, government agencies and other organizations in over 80 countries. Our customers include financial and healthcare companies with most sensitive data.

This article explains how the service works and which data is stored before, during and after a merge process.

How It Works

Templates (that usually doesn't contain sensitive data) can be stored in the ReportingCloud template storage. Using a Web API, potentially sensitive data is sent to our servers in JSON ( format. ReportingCloud merges this data with the template and returns a resulting document.

Do I Need to Store Templates in the Template Storage?

No. To reduce processing time (upload template for each process), templates can be stored in the ReportingCloud template storage. But templates can be also sent with the JSON data for each merge process.

Who Owns the Templates Stored in the Template Storage?

You. Customers maintain ownership of their templates stored in the template storage. We do not access or use content for any purpose other than as legally required and for maintaining the ReportingCloud services.

Is the HTTP Transportation Layer Secure?

Yes. Only secure requests are supported and secured using SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser (or server) and a web server. ReportingCloud uses only Extended Validation (EV) certificates which provides the highest degree of security.

Are Created Documents Stored at ReportingCloud?

No. Created documents are never stored physically. Documents are created in memory and will be completely removed after a merge or conversion process.

Which Data is Stored?

Besides your account data (e-mail address and serial number), we log each transaction with the used IP address. This transaction log helps us and you to track potential issues. We never store data from the merge process itself (merge field data or templates).

Where Are the Servers Located?

We use Microsoft Azure to host our services. Based on your location and server load, your requests might be processed on servers in different countries. If you want to host your own ReportingCloud, please contact us.