We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at DWX Developer Week in Nuremberg, Germany from July 1-5, 2024. Visit our booth to learn more about our digital document processing solutions and how they can help you integrate document processing into your applications.

Text Control at DWX 2024

Our technical team will be onsite to answer your questions and showcase our latest products and technologies.

The week-long conference is a great opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with other developers, and discover new technologies that can help you improve your development skills. The conference offers workshops, sessions, and keynotes on a wide range of topics, including web development, mobile development, cloud computing, and more.

International Conference

Check out the great speaker lineup and the full conference schedule at the DWX Developer Week website:

DWX Developer Week 2024 Speakers

With about 50% of the sessions in English, the conference is now being prepared to be an international event. Attracting international speakers and enthusiastic attendees from around the world is a very smart and effective way to grow the conference.Having sponsored and exhibited for many years, we fully support and appreciate this move.

Did Someone Say Party?

Don't miss the DWX Developer Week Casino Night - Sponsored by Text Control on Tuesday night with a live band, casino games, and a lots of fun. The party is a great opportunity to network with other developers and industry experts in a relaxed and fun environment.

Text Control at DWX 2024

Text Control is proud to sponsor the Casino Night and we look forward to seeing you there with free drinks and snacks.

Trusted Partner

Looking for an experienced technology partner to help you successfully integrate digital document processing with your business applications? We provide you with developer libraries that can help you solve the following types of tasks:

  • Reporting integration
  • Fully-featured document editing
  • Adobe PDF processing
  • Electronic signatures
  • Digital forms processing

Our team at DWX Developer Week would be happy to have a meeting with you and your development teams.

Our mission is to innovate the digital document processing needs of our users every day. To make document processing easier and more efficient for end users, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve document processing.

Helpful Resources

To help you get started, we have prepared several resources for you.

Digital Document Processing

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Successful organizations serve their customers and support business continuity by integrating digital document processing solutions.


Document Processing

Our Core Technologies

Explore our core technologies for adding rich document processing to web, mobile, cloud, and desktop applications.

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Meet the Text Control Team

We're looking forward to meeting you and your development teams at DWX Developer Week. Visit our booth.

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See you in Nuremberg!