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December 2013
Service Packs for TX Text Control X10 and X9 Released
Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X10 Announced
Reporting: MailMerge API Changes in Version X10
TX Text Control X10 Reporting: Using RDSC Files
November 2013
Adding Spell Checking and Hyphenation to TX Text Control X10
TX Spell .NET 4.0: New Dictionaries and Hyphenation Lists Available
TX Text Control X10, TX Spell 4.0 and TX Barcode 3.0 Have Been Released
TX Text Control X10: New and Updated Icons
X10: Language Regions, Hyphenation and Right-to-Left Support
TX Barcode 3.0: 9 New Barcode Types
TX Text Control X10: Updated Reporting Template Designer
Text Control is Visual Studio 2013 Launch Partner
October 2013
Pre-Order TX Text Control X10 and Get Spell Checking for Free
Promotion Video: Text Control Reporting X10
Sneak Peek Reporting X10: New Sample Templates
Sneak Peek Reporting X10: The Dot Makes the Difference
Update Version 15.0 or Better Now
Sneak Peek Reporting X10: Image Placeholder Merging
DevIntersection: Come to Vegas and See TX Text Control X10
Sneak Peek Reporting X10: Using Objects As Data Sources
September 2013
TX Text Control X10 Roadmap: Right-to-Left - Arabic and Hebrew Support
August 2013
Reporting Roadmap X10: Business Objects, Performance and Images
July 2013
TX Text Control X9 Service Pack 1 Released
June 2013
TX Spell .NET 3.0 Service Pack 2 Released
May 2013
Special Offer: Renew Your Expired Subscriptions
April 2013
Text Control @ Code PaLOUsa 2013, Louisville
TX Text Control X9 and TX Barcode .NET Have Been Released
March 2013
TX Text Control X9: Improved Headers and Footers
TX Text Control X9: Ready-to-use Built-in Context Menus
Special Offer: Free Barcode Control when Pre-ordering TX Text Control X9
February 2013
TX Text Control X9 Preview: Out-of-the-Box Context Menus
January 2013
TX Text Control X9 Roadmap Released
TX Barcode .NET: Sample Screenshots, Feature Overview