Improved headers and footers

Odd and Even Headers and Footers

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X9 supports different headers and footers for the even and odd pages of the whole document or of a single section.

You can define a different header and footer for facing pages. Odd and even headers and footers are mostly used for books, magazines and all kind of bound documents such as high quality reports.

The following screenshot shows a typical document with odd and even headers and footers:

Odd and even headers and footers

The headers and footers can be fully adjusted programmatically or using the ready-to-use dialog box.

New Frame Style with Information Area

A new frame style is available for activated headers and footers. A dividing line has a label indicating the type of the header or footer (even, odd, first page).

Additionally, the label displays the current section number and if the header or footer is connected to the previous header or footer. This gives the user a much better overview of the current document settings and layout.

Header footer frame styleHeader footer frame styleHeader footer frame style

All colors can be fully adjusted. The following screenshot shows the dividing line and information area label with a customized color schema:

Header footer frame style

This is just another great new feature of TX Text Control X9. Stay tuned for more.