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October 2018
Sneak Peek X16: Excel Formulas and MailMerge
JavaScript: Removing TextFields on Backspace and Delete
The Future of Document Collaboration
Pre-Order X16 Today and Get TX Barcode .NET Free
Sneak Peek X16: Selecting Reference Cells for Table Formulas
New ReportingCloud Endpoint: Appending Documents
September 2018
Impressions from BASTA! Fall 2018
ReportingCloud Monthly Payment Available
July 2018
Sneak Peek X16: Working with Formulas in Table Cells
May 2018
Sneak Peek X16: New Customizable Sidebar Controls
April 2018
Sneak Peek X16: Filter and Sort MergeBlock Rows
Sneak Peek X16: MS Word Compatible Track Changes
February 2018
Adding Images and Text Frames to Headers and Footers
January 2018
Impressions from NDC London 2018
Service Pack 3 for TX Text Control X14 Released
ReportingCloud Upgraded to TX Text Control X15 - New Features
X15: Merging Data into Chart Objects
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