In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that we are offering a new service to sign your TX Text Control DLLs with a digital signature to pass your Windows Vista certification process.

Another important feature of .NET is the strong name signing of assemblies. All assemblies of TX Text Control are signed with the TX Text Control key including the shipped German resource file. As you may know, TX Text Control can be completely localized with our shipped resource kit. These resulting assemblies are not strong named and must be added to the registry as an exception.

Today, I would like to offer you the possibility to send us your resource files that you would like to have strong named with the TX Text Control key. Please use the same procedure like described in the above link:

The process is quite simple:

  1. Open a support case here and request your code signed files.
  2. Our support engineers will ask you to send them your distributable files as a zip file.
  3. After your files were signed, you will receive them by email.

We can offer this service only for version 14.0 of TX Text Control. If you have any questions about code signing or our sign process, feel free to contact me.