The Find method of TX Text Control can be used to search for strings programmatically. You can pass a string, a start index where the Find method starts to search and some additional options:

  • NoHighlight

    The search text, if found, is not highlighted.

  • NoMessageBox

    Does not display message boxes to inform about search results.

  • MatchCase

    Locates only instances of the search text that have the exact casing.

  • Reverse

    The search starts at the end of the control's document and searches to the beginning of the document.

What some users are not aware of is that it is also possible to search for control characters like a forced page break, a tab character or a soft break. Therefore, you can simply use the C# escape sequences to find these control characters. The following code searches for soft breaks that can be inserted using SHIFT + ENTER.

textControl1.Find("\v", 0, TXTextControl.FindOptions.NoMessageBox);

These are all escape sequences available in C#:

\' Single quote, needed for character literals
\" Double quote, needed for string literals
\\ Backslash
\0 Unicode character 0
\a Alert (character 7)
\b Backspace (character 8)
\f Form feed (character 12), forced page break
\n New line (character 10)
\r Carriage return (character 13)
\t Horizontal tab (character 9)
\v Vertical quote (character 11)