Yesterday, we released SP1 for TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 14.0. If you have not already downloaded a copy of the latest version, please do so here:

Know issues

Aside from fixes for the known issues, TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 14.0 SP1 comes with an improved version of the documentation. We have updated the most chapters in order to improve the general structure of the documentation.

The main improvement was done in the class library reference of the documentation. The syntax of each property, method and event is now available in both supported languages C# and VB.NET. Additionally, we have added sample code to the commonly used classes of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms. See yourself by browsing the documentation online on our website:

Class Library Reference

We have created a new overview of the complete classes hierarchy:

The graphical overview of all classes is improved as well to give you a quick overview of the powerful TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms functionality:

Graphical Overview

Feel free to contact me, if you have additional suggestions or questions about our documentation, the service pack or TX Text Control at total.