15 Posts Tagged In 2021
October 2021
Using TX Text Control .NET Server with Build Servers for Continuous…
Merging Merge Block Cells Vertically with Matching Content
Open Any Supported Document Without Knowing the Extension
September 2021
Sneak Peek Version 30.0: Extended Character Attributes
August 2021
Signing PDF Documents with Smart Card Certificates in C#
Auto-Sizing Tables Proportionally
July 2021
Service Pack 3 for TX Text Control X19 Released
Adding Sorting and Filter Instructions to Existing MergeBlocks
TX Text Control 30.0 Preview: Inserting SVG Images
May 2021
Announcing TX Text Control Support for .NET 5
Combining Form Fields and Formulas with Conditional Instructions
April 2021
Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control X19 Released
Tracked Changes: Toggle Markup
February 2021
Creating ZUGFeRD Compliant PDF Invoices in C#
January 2021
Converting HTML Placeholders to Merge Fields
Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X19 Released