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December 2018
Import Form Fields from Adobe PDF Documents
See Text Control at CodeMash 2019, Sandusky, Ohio
Impressions from DevIntersection and the Azure and AI Conference in Las…
November 2018
Impressions from DDC Cologne
MailMerge: Conditional Rendering of Merge Blocks
DataSourceManager: Using the Ready-to-Use Reporting Dialog Boxes
Merge Blocks in X16: Filtering, Sorting and Conditional Rendering
See Text Control at DDC in Cologne, Germany
Test-Drive TX Text Control X16 at DevIntersection in Las Vegas
TX Text Control X16 and TX Barcode .NET 5.0 Released
October 2018
Sneak Peek X16: Excel Formulas and MailMerge
Text Control as a Service: Outsource Your Document Processes
New ReportingCloud Endpoint: Appending Documents
September 2018
ReportingCloud Monthly Payment Available
Integrate Documents in any Platform: Visit us at BASTA! 2018
August 2018
Generate Word Documents from Templates in .NET
First Impressions of THAT Conference 2018
July 2018
ReportingCloud: Retrieve User Defined Properties from Templates
Edit Templates in an ASP.NET Core MVC Application (.NET Core)
ReportingCloud Editor Widget Released to Beta
See Text Control at THAT Conference in Wisconsin
June 2018
Impressions from DWX Developer Week 2018
Additional Online Samples: Demo Explorer
Visit us in Nuremberg at DWX Developer Week 2018
More impressions from NDC Oslo 2018
First impressions of NDC Oslo 2018
Meet Text Control at NDC Oslo 2018
New Live Demos Online: See Our Technology in Action
SD Times 100 2018: It's a celebration!
May 2018
ReportingCloud: GDPR Data Processing Agreement and Statistics
Impressions from dotnet Cologne 2018
April 2018
Sneak Peek X16: Filter and Sort MergeBlock Rows
Using the Reporting RibbonTab
Impressions from DevIntersection Spring 2018
March 2018
Impressions from Philly Code Camp 2018
Using the DataSourceManager to Merge Templates
See Text Control at Philly Code Camp 2018 this weekend
Where to See Text Control Next?
DevIntersection Orlando: Roadmap 2018 Presentation
JavaScript API: Working with Merge Fields
Technology Preview: Embeddable HTML Widget to integrate Document…
February 2018
Impressions from BASTA! Spring 2018
See Text Control in Frankfurt at BASTA! Spring 2018
January 2018
Meet Text Control at South Florida Code Camp 2018
Impressions from NDC London 2018
ReportingCloud Upgraded to TX Text Control X15 - New Features
X15: Merging Data into Chart Objects