We released a new endpoint to the ReportingCloud Web API to append documents.


This new endpoint combines documents by appending them divided by a new section, paragraph or nothing. This endpoint can be used to assemble documents in various formats to one resulting document. Typically, single, separate templates are merged and then appended to create a document that contains all documents in one.

In the payload of the POST request, the documents are posted as an array of Base64 encoded strings and document divider options that define how the documents are separated.

Request Parameters

Query parameter Value Type Value
returnFormat String A string that specifies the format of the created document. Possible values are: PDF, PDFA, RTF, DOC, DOCX, HTML and TX.

POST Payload

The payload of the request contains the AppendBody object.

Request body data Value Type Value
ReportingCloud AppendBody object The AppendBody object contains the templates encoded as a Base64 strings and a ReportingCloud DocumentSettings object.

AppendBody Object

The AppendBody object consists of an array of AppendDocument objects and a DocumentSettings object .

Key Value Type Value
documents ReportingCloud AppendDocument object The documents that are appended including divider options.
documentSettings ReportingCloud DocumentSettings object Optional document settings to specify document properties such as title and author.

DocumentSettings Object

This object contains adjustable settings that will be applied to the created document.

Key Value Type Value
author String Optional. Sets the document's author.
creationDate DateTime (String) Optional. Sets the document's creation date which will be saved in the document.
lastModificationDate DateTime (String) Optional. Sets the date the document is last modified.
creatorApplication String Optional. Sets the application, which has created the document.
documentSubject String Optional. Sets the document's subject string which will be saved in the document.
documentTitle String Optional. Sets the document's title that will be saved in the document.
userPassword String Optional. Specifies the password for the user to open the document.

AppendDocument Object

This object contains the document itself as an Base64 encoded string and the document divider.

Key Value Type Value
document String The document as a Base64 encoded string.
documentDivider Integer The document divider option. Possible values: 1 (None), 2 (NewParagraph), 3 (NewSection).

Learn more about this endpoint in the ReportingCloud reference.

Happy coding!