TX Text Control X16 will be coming soon, so from now until release, we are providing a special pre-order offer. Be one of the first to get their hands on the new features and functionality available on release day. New features include MS Word compatible track changes, MS Excel compatible formulas, merge block sorting and filtering, sidebar controls and many more.

What is the Special Offer?

Pre-order TX Text Control X16 with Subscription now and get the same number of licenses for TX Barcode .NET for free (also updates and renewals for existing TX Barcode .NET licenses).

Which Orders Are Eligible?

All Subscription orders including full versions, updates and renewals are eligible.

How Does It Work?

You order your Subscription licenses now (version X15) and you will receive your TX Barcode .NET licenses immediately and version X16 on release day. If you renew your Subscription before your expiry date, the new expiry date is the old expiry date plus 1 year - you don't lose any time by pre-ordering.

How to Proceed?

Call one of our offices today and place your order:

United States
+1 704 544 7445

Europe and Asia
+49 421 427067 10

Or simply place your order online in your online store:

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What's New in X16?

To learn more about the upcoming features of TX Text Control X16, have a look at this blog article series:

Sneak Peek X16: What is New?