Tables have been significantly improved in TX Text Control X16 to support Microsoft Excel compatible formulas. Additionally, table cells can now be explicitly defined to contain text or a number. Number formats can be formatted automatically when the content changes or a formula is getting evaluated.

The following screenshot shows a number in a table cell that is defined as text.

Table format

The property TXTextControl.TableCellFormat.TextType determines whether the cell's text is interpreted as a number or as text.

The following screenshot shows the same content formatted as a number with a specific currency number format:

Table format

When a formula is defined, the automatically calculated text can also be formatted with a number format.

Table format

The number format string has a format as described in Office Open XML File Formats - ISO/IEC 29500 - 1, Chapter: 18.8.31 Number Formats.

The TXTextControl.TableCellFormat.NumberFormat is used to set a number format string, that is a composition of placeholders ('#' or/and '0'), separators ('.' or/and ','), percentage signs ('%') and other single characters or text.

A detailed description of these elements can be found in the documentation:

Formatting Text by using Number Formats