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October 2021
Electronic Signatures: Document Audit Trails
Combine Form Fields, Merge Fields and Signature Boxes to Request Signatures
eSign Demo: Requesting Signatures from Multiple Signers
August 2021
Using the MVC DocumentViewer in ASP.NET Web Forms
July 2021
DocumentViewer 29.2 (29.0.302.500) Final Released
DocumentViewer: Deploying Forms
DocumentViewer Pre-Release: UI Improvements and Events
June 2021
Smart Documents: Embedding Documents in PDF Containers
DocumentViewer Annotations: Highlight Text
Creation of Custom Electronic Signature Boxes
DocumentViewer Collaboration: Live Share Document Annotations
May 2021
DocumentViewer Pre-Release: Forms with Conditional Instructions Support
DocumentViewer Pre-Release: Stamps, Sticky Notes and Comments
Preparing ASP.NET for Long JSON Requests
April 2021
DocumentViewer Preview: Completing Form Fields
January 2021
DS Server: Using DocumentViewer with pure HTML and JavaScript
Going Contactless with Electronic Wet Signatures