Upgrade your Express to Professional: An Overview

Since 2011, we are offering a free edition of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms: TX Text Control Express. This Express edition gives you a very good alternative to all other available rich edit controls.

Limited Until the End of June 2013, You Will Get a Free License of TX Barcode .NET with Your Order of TX Text Control .NET Professional or Enterprise (Windows Forms or WPF).

All you need to do is to call us:

United States: +1 704 544 7445

Europe: +49 421 427067 10

Or send us a message.

The Professional and Enterprise editions give you full access to the power of TX Text Control. Below are some feature highlights you could offer your users out-of-the-box.

Load, Edit and Save MS Word documents

TX Text Control Professional

Load and convert documents from and to any supported format. e.g. DOC to DOCX, DOCX to PDF.

Mail Merge and Reporting

TX Text Control Professional

Create reports with master-detail relationship repeating blocks based on MS Word compatible templates.

Create and Import PDF documents

TX Text Control Professional

Import and edit PDF files for which the original word processing source files are missing. Create Adobe PDF files by saving or converting them.

2D and 3D Charting Support

TX Text Control Professional

Add powerful data visualizations in a report or any other document. Charts can be used to attractively visualize large volumes of data.

Headers, Footers and Page Columns

TX Text Control Professional

Add headers and footers to each section or odd and even pages. All aspects of headers and footers can be set with the shipped dialog box.

Free Barcode Component

TX Text Control Professional

Add fast and accurate 1D and 2D barcodes to your applications. They have been specifically designed for the requirements when integrating into documents, such as invoices.

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