I read many statements from software vendors why telephone support, IM (instant messenger) contacts or GoToMeeting® sessions are not offered. Honestly, I can not understand why...

What can be better than asking your programming questions at the time you need them answered? You have the problem right now and you need a solution right now.

We have always been careful to ensure that the number of support engineers grows with the size of our customerbase. That is the reason why we can offer so many different support channels. Do not forget: Our support services are 100% free of charge!

We offer the following possibilities to get your problems solved:

  • Telephone
    One argument I read many times is that it is not possible to solve complex problems on the phone. That might be correct for half of the questions. But in this case, we are able to help you by sending a sample project that shows how to solve the issues.
  • E-Mail
    You can simply open a support case in the support section of our website. This opens a support ticket in our support department and you can expect an answer within one business day.
  • Live Developer Chat
    This is very popular since we introduced it 3 years ago. You can simply open a live chat by clicking on the 'live chat' icon on the top right corner of our website.
  • Support Community
    The TX Text Control support forums offer a thriving community of enthusiastic TX Text Control users. There are members of our support team who are dedicated to responding to all comments and questions.
  • Skype
    We offer a direct Skype® contact, if you prefer this tool to chat or to make calls.

We think that technical support is one of the main aspects of how a software component should be measured. We believe in the quality of our support services, but it can be always better. Due to a constant survey, 92% of our users are satisfied with it - so enough space for improvement.

Feel free to comment your experience and suggestions for the future.