For a very modest additional fee, TX Text Control Subscriptions entitle developers to get immediate access to product updates and service packs - the moment they are released - for the period of one year.

Benefits of TX Text Control Subscriptions

Simplify technology upgrades and boost productivity with the complete software and support package from TX Text Control Subscriptions:

  • Includes all software enhancements (updates and service packs)
  • Direct access to technical support engineers (telephone, e-mail and forums)
  • Access to all legacy versions of the specific Text Control product
  • Unlimited number of support incidents
  • Accurately plan expenditure on software components - subscriptions are a one-off annual fee
  • Receive product notifications and new serial numbers by e-mail
  • Simplified license management reduces technology acquisition and administrative costs
  • Update from current licenses to Subscriptions at very attractive rates

Subscription Renewal Process

A pre-renewal subscription renews your TX Text Control Subscription for one year before your expiry date. When your subscription is expired, you can renew your TX Text Control subscription for the post-renewal price. A post-renewal subscription renews your TX Text Control Subscription for one year, if your subscription has already expired. This offer is only valid for thirty days after expiration. After thirty days, you can update your subscription for update pricing.

Text Control Subscription time line

Update Now!

TX Text Control Subscriptions ensure that developers always have the most current version of TX Text Control, while at the same time, lowers expenditure in the long run. Update now, taking advantage of the attractive update rates.

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