Last year, we started the very successful service called Feasibility Discussion. It was dedicated to developers planning a new project in which word processing is required.

The service is designed to get you the information you need to make a good decision with little effort on your behalf.

Most common questions are:

  • Should my application be web-based, server-based or Windows Forms-based?
  • Which TX Text Control version should I evaluate?
  • How can TX Text Control help me to improve the business processes?

The Feasibility Discussion is part of our support services and completely free. Feel free to speak to us before reading the documentation, trying different versions of TX Text Control or thinking alone about how the architecture of your software should look like.

Whether you would like to know, which version of the TX Text Control product family fits your current project or whether you need help on deciding upon which development environment can be used with TX Text Control, please talk to your our engineers.

Contact us or let me call you back.