In one of the Print method's overload, TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms allows a PrintDocument to be passed. The PrintDocument class is used to send output to a printer.

In order to use PrintDocument of the System.Drawing.Printing namespace, it is necessary to specify page settings and page orientation programmatically.

In TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms, the ratio of the page width to the page height indicates whether a document is of landscape or portrait orientation. However, this property is not passed to the PrintDocument object automatically.

The following function creates a new PrintDocument object and passes the appropriate values from the current instance of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms, including page orientation, page size and page margins:

private void PrintDocument(TXTextControl.TextControl tx)
    PrintDocument pd = new PrintDocument();

    if(tx.PageSize.Width > tx.PageSize.Height)
        pd.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = true;
        pd.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = false;

    pd.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSize = new PaperSize("new size", tx.PageSize.Width, tx.PageSize.Height);
    pd.DefaultPageSettings.Margins = new Margins(tx.PageMargins.Left, tx.PageMargins.Right, tx.PageMargins.Top, tx.PageMargins.Bottom);