Every developer knows this situation when planning a new project:

  1. You spend ages searching for appropriate components
  2. Then you spend even longer evaluating what you found
  3. And finally, you have to decide whether the components fit your requirements.

We understand what a taxing process this can be.

Today, we have just launched a new service called Feasibility Discussion that is designed to get you the information you need to make a good decision with little effort on your behalf.

This service is dedicated to save evaluation and decision time.

Before reading the documentation, trying to find out which features are available or what requirement could be covered with the TX Text Control, you can discuss this with a highly skilled technical / sales engineer in the TX Text Control Support Department.

Additionally, you can discuss licensing questions or the service and support possibilities offered by the market leader in word processing components.

Whether you would like to know, which version of the TX Text Control product family fits your current project or whether you need help on deciding upon which development environment can be used with TX Text Control, please talk to your our engineers.

If you would like to start a Feasibility Discussion, please contact us with detailed information about your project by e-mail or leave us your telephone number and we call you back. We are looking forward to talk to you soon.

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