.NET Core is growing fast and we have a fast growing number of users utilizing ReportingCloud for their document creation requirements. Since the beginning of .NET Core and the base implementation .NET Standard, a lot of things and standards changed. Historically, we had two different wrapper versions: One for the classic full .NET framework and a separate pacakage for .NET Core.

Based on the feedback from users and the help of the open source community, we now published a new version of the ReportingCloud .NET wrapper NuGet package which is now a multi-target package and includes files for classic .NET, .NET Core and .NET Standard.

The explicit .NET Core version of the wrapper has been marked as deprecated as the general .NET wrapper now includes all required versions.

Additionally, the sources for the wrapper have been updated and committed to the open source GitHub project.

The multi-target package is adding the appropriate files automatically to the project that uses ReportingCloud and also loads the required references such as JSON.NET for the specific target. ReportingCloud can be used in all .NET platforms and can be run on any operating system such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.

You can find the NuGet package here:

TXTextControl.ReportingCloud NuGet Package

The sources for the ReportingCloud .NET wrapper can be found in our GitHub account:

ReportingCloud .NET Wrapper Sources at GitHub

Happy coding!