FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (December 13, 2017) - The software component vendor Text Control announced the immediate availability of the latest version X15 of TX Text Control for all platforms including ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and ActiveX. Additionally, a new version of the spell checking component TX Spell .NET has been released.

Inspired by the feedback, ideas and requirements of thousands of developers, new versions that combine innovation and consistency have been built.

As developers, we understand the requirements of our users very well. We use everyday innovation to uncover our user's real reporting requirements.

Bjoern Meyer, Product Manager at Text Control

Digital transformation changed every process in today's business world. The number of e-commerce transactions skyrocket and supply chains are fully connected. In nearly any business process, documents and reports need to be designed, created, shared and archived. Technologies from Text Control help companies to integrate document processing to client, web and cloud solutions to gain the largest competitive advantage.

Using TX Text Control X15, documents can be protected by restricting the formatting and editing of content. When protecting a document, it is possible to define whether the document is completely locked or formatting can be applied. Editable regions are exceptions within protected documents that allow specific users to modify parts of a document.

Another highly requested feature was content in headers and footers that overlaps the main text. This is typically used in letterhead templates to place the address in a text box on the side of the main text. This content is repeated on each page and is therefore part of the header or footer text part.

Inspired by Microsoft Word, the new mini toolbar part of version X15 is a small version of the full ribbon toolbar providing the most common formatting features. The mini toolbar appears when text is selected or selected text is right-clicked.

The HTML5-based editor of the ASP.NET version received loads of new members in the JavaScript API to manipulate images, text fields and text frames. Additionally, content can be copied to the local clipboard.

The spell checking component TX Spell .NET 7.0 provides a powerful thesaurus feature for many languages that creates synonyms for selected words on command.

More information can be found at the dedicated website: