FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (July 19, 2017) - The software component vendor Text Control announced the immediate availability of a new product to create MS Word compatible reports in the cloud.

With the new Text Control ReportingCloud web service, developers get access to the award-winning functionality of TX Text Control through an easy-to-use web API that supports all platforms and languages.

Text Control ReportingCloud brings the reporting functionality of TX Text Control into the cloud with a highly available web REST service. The RESTful web API supports .NET, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS, jQuery, Ruby, Python, Android, Java, iOS and more. Invoices, quotes, or other dynamic documents can be created from any desktop, web or mobile app using a single HTTP API call.

Bjoern Meyer, Product Manager at Text Control states:

Text Control ReportingCloud is the first Web API-powered reporting service with a true WYSIWYG template editor that's compatible with all HTML5 browsers. It is the smartest way to bring your document creation processes from desktop applications to the web or mobile market.

Bjoern Meyer, Product Manager at Text Control

Using ReportingCloud, developers can merge Microsoft Word-compatible templates with JSON data to create DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, and PDF documents. The templates can be created and edited in any browser including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari. These template documents can contain typical word processing and reporting features including headers and footers, repeating blocks, barcodes and charts.

Text Control developed API wrappers for all the leading platforms and host them on GitHub, including source code. Developers can use the pre-built wrapper classes to manage templates and merge documents rather than worrying about HTTP requests.

The ReportingCloud admin portal allows developers to manage, upload, download and create templates and JSON datasource excerpt files. It also gives an overview of recent transactions and the account settings to monitor the service usage.

Text Control ReportingCloud and the core reporting engine of Text Control are developed in parallel so that developers always have access to the complete functionality of the reporting framework's features. Flexible licensing packages are available that fit all typical applications and scenarios.

ReportingCloud combines the power of a reporting tool and the flow type layout of an MS Word document. It is completely independent of Microsoft Word or other third-party applications and can be integrated into a business application with ease.

More information can be found at the dedicated website: