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The DevIntersection conference and it's predecessors have been always the primary shows we used to announce new products, technologies or upcoming features. This year again, we will present the latest innovations fresh from our labs.

Our developer team is working on many different improvements and new features for the next version of TX Text Control. At DevIntersection, we will show some first impressions. Below are examples of what we are working on for the HTML5 based Web editor:

  • Collapsable and expandable ribbon bar:

    Collapsable and expandable ribbon bar
  • Overflow scroll ribbon bar:

    Overflow scroll ribbon bar
  • Client-side clipboard access and document drag & drop:

    Client-side clipboard access and document drag & drop

These are just some of many improvements of the HTML5 based Web editor and template designer. Stop by our booth at DevIntersection to test it on your own.

See you in Vegas next week!