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AveryTM labels provide ready to use, peel-off address labels and full-sheet mailing labels for laser and inkjet printers. The different available sizes of Avery labels became the de facto standard for printing labels.

With Text Control Reporting, printing on Avery labels is very easy. Thanks to the fact that TX Text Control is compatible to MS Word, you can reuse the available MS Word templates and use them as the reporting template.

In order to use the MailMerge features including repeating merge blocks, we published some sample templates for standard Avery labels. The tables and margins are designed to fit perfectly onto the Avery label sheets.

The template consists of one table row with three content columns. The complete table row is repeated as part of a merge block and at the end of the first two cells, a NEXT field is used to increase the current data row.

Avery template
  • Open the shipped template designer TX Text Control Words and load one of the published templates (see table at the end of this article).

  • Select Load Sample Database from the Data Source group of the Mailings ribbon tab.

    TX Text Control Words and Avery templates
  • Select Customer_Customer as the master table using the drop-down button Select Master Table.

    TX Text Control Words and Avery templates
  • Click on Preview Merge Fields to start the merge process.

The resulting, pixel-perfect document can be printed directly using TX Text Control or exported to PDF or any other supported format. Below is a screenshot of the resulting full page label document:

Avery merged document

The following table lists the prepared sample templates for Avery label sheets:

Avery Item # Labels Size Description Preview Download
5160 4" x 1" Address Text Control template_avery_5160.doc
5161 2.625" x 1" Address Text Control template_avery_5161.doc
5162 4" x 1.33" Address Text Control template_avery_5162.doc
5163 4" x 2" Address Text Control template_avery_5163.doc
5167 1.75" x 0.5" Return Address Text Control template_avery_5167.doc
5193 1.67" Circle Return Address Text Control template_avery_5193.doc