TX Text Control DocumentServerIn the past few months, I have written many articles about our very successful DocumentServer namespace that was introduced 2 years ago.

This namespace not only contains the MailMerge component, that can be used to implement an MS Word compatible merge process with only 3 lines of code, but also the FieldAdapters, that help you to create or manipulate MS Word fields such as the MergeField or the FormText field.

Despite all the articles being tagged, I thought it would help to list the most important articles in a link collection.

Mail Merge with an MS SQL Server Database

Creating mail merge templates in MS Word 2010

What do you get in the DocumentServer namespace?

Merging a document with 3 lines of code: The new MailMerge class

Mail Merge Designer with Sources

Creating reports with nested repeating blocks

New sample: Processing MS Word compatible page number fields

Inserting MS Word compatible FORMCHECKBOX fields

Inserting and processing MS Word compatible DATE fields

How to use the FieldAdapter classes to manipulate ApplicationFields

Using CheckBoxes, DropDownLists and DatePickers in TX Text Control

What do you get in the DocumentServer namespace?

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