Our developer team is currently working on so many interesting features and technologies for the next versions of TX Text Control and I can't wait to present them to you, our valued customers. With TX Text Control, you are always getting the latest developments in word and document processing. I can't give away all new planned features, but I would like to give you a short overview of the most interesting technologies.

Most of our users own a TX Text Control Subscription license that grants access to the latest features, file formats and improvements for the period of one year. For 16 years now, we have been watching the word processing market and the latest developments in business software, so that we can provide our users the best available word processing component for their requirements.


Microsoft Office Open XML

Developers who are building modules for their applications based on TX Text Control can always be sure to get fast access to the new trends or standards that are requested by their customers. A good example is the new Microsoft Office Open XML (DOCX) format of Microsoft Word. This standardized format is the successor of the widely used MS Word DOC format that has been supported by TX Text Control since several years.

Of course, TX Text Control will support the new XML-based format in the next version. If your application is based on the proprietary MS Word DOC or RTF format and your customers are requesting the new industry standard format, TX Text Control enables you to provide this feature effortlessly.

Using TX Text Control, you will be able to export or to convert your old documents to the new XML format using the same familiar interface of TX Text Control.

MS Word Field Compatibility

We are working on a new TextField collection that contains all fields of MS Word documents. That includes all merge fields such as the popular MergeField, AddressBlockField, IfField or all form fields. These fields can be imported and exported in all file formats that support these field types. This enables developers to use legacy templates created in MS Word to create merge processes in Windows Forms or ASP.NET server-side applications.

Additionally, all text fields of an older word processing component called HighEdit can be handled by TX Text Control. HighEdit from Heiler Software is not longer supported by it's vendor and most of it's customers are switching to TX Text Control. Using the new version of TX Text Control, you will be able to use the created RTF documents from HighEdit without any cutbacks.

64bit Versions of TX Text Control

64bit is getting more and more popular, especially for server hardware. We know that and we are working on a fully compatible 64bit version of TX Text Control. The current version can be used on 64bit systems as well, but the application must be compiled for 32bit CPUs or the IIS 32bit support must be enabled for server applications.

The new TX Text Control version contains both 32bit DLLs and 64bit DLLs. Using the BrowserTextControl, the new version allows you to deploy web-based word processing applications to mixed platforms. The server could be a 64bit machine and the clients could be 32bit or 64bit or vice versa. TX Text Control enables you to fulfill all the requirements of your customers or users concerning new 64bit-based platforms.

This was just a quick overview of some of the new planned features for the next version of TX Text Control.

Feel free to contact me directly to learn more about these features and improvements. I would love to discuss the possibilities with you on the phone or in an email correspondence. I am looking forward hearing from you soon:

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