TX Text Control ActiveX contains a property which returns the extension of the complete text in twips. This method is not directly supported in the .NET version of TX Text Control. The Lines collection has been implemented to replace this method and includes lots of additional functionality.

The TextBounds property of the Line class gets the bounding rectangle of the text belonging to the line. We need the vertical distance between the upper left corner and the baseline of the last line to get the height of the complete text. Additionally, we need the longest line of the current document. This is done by checking the longest line in a loop.

Dim TextHeight As Long
Dim TextWidth As Long

TextHeight = TextControl1.Lines.Item(TextControl1.Lines.Count).TextBounds.Bottom

For Each line As TXTextControl.Line In TextControl1.Lines
    Dim lineWidth As Long = TextControl1.Lines.Item(line.Number).TextBounds.Right

    If TextWidth < lineWidth Then
        TextWidth = lineWidth
    End If