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December 2005
Simulating 'Use Paragraph Font'
Open Documents with an Offset
November 2005
TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms) 12.0 Released
Simulating "delete Next Word" of MS Word
September 2005
Setting the BackgroundImage of TX Text Control
Drawing Text Frames Using the Mouse
August 2005
Updated Sample: Read Document Row by Row
Minimizing TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms to the System Tray
July 2005
TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms in a C++ Managed Code Project
June 2005
Set the Current Input Position on a Right Mouse Click
How to Limit the Pages in TX Text Control
Building a Table AutoFit
Building a Paragraph Collection
May 2005
GetTextExtent with TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms
TX Text Control ActiveX Server C# Samples
April 2005
Building a Symbol Dialog Box
Working with Exceptions in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms
TX Text Control on DotNetJunkies.com
Displaying a Frame Around a Paragraph
Field at Input Position
Embedding Images in Various Formats
Adjusting Table Columns Using Inches
Append Files to the Current Document
March 2005
Calculate the Width of the Gray Area in PageView Mode
File Format Detection
Replacing the TX Text Control Scrollbars
AutoCompletion in TX Text Control