With a first group of users, we are starting a beta program for a brand new product:
TX Text Control DS Server.

Document Services "Out-of-the-Box"

With DS Server, you can integrate professional document editing and processing into any web application. Provide your users an MS Word compatible document editor and a lightweight document viewer. Merge data into MS Word templates and create Adobe PDF documents programmatically using a powerful document backend Web API.

The "out-of-the-box" backend server can be easily deployed and hosted in your infrastructure.

Your web apps simply connect securely using OAuth to the ready-to-use TX Text Control DS Server to edit, view, annotate and process documents.

How Does it Work?

Your first application using TX Text Control DS Server can be implemented within minutes. All you need is to install TX Text Control DS Server on a machine or to deploy DS Server to your cloud provider and to connect the client-side packages to your new Document Services backend.

What's Included?

  • Document Editor

    Connect client-side NuGet, npm packages or pure JavaScript to DS Server and edit documents in an MS Word inspired interface with a unique WYSIWYG rendering technology.

  • Document Viewer

    View MS Word and Adobe PDF documents in a lightweight viewer and add collaboration, annotation and electronic signature features to your apps.

  • Document Processing API

    Using the document processing Web API, merge JSON data into MS Word compatible templates created using the document editor. Create PDF documents dynamically on DS Server from any of your applications.

Easy Deployment, Setup and Security

TX Text Control DS Server can be easily deployed to your on-premise or cloud infrastructure. Once installed, you can use the full TX Text Control document processing technology with your own hosted backend server.

The integrated security, based on the industry-standard OAuth, allows you a secure usage of document editing and processing functionality in all of your web applications, in any language deployed to any platform.


Enter our Beta Program

If you are interested in getting your hands on DS Server, simply contact us and ask about the second beta round.

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