A highly requested feature is content in headers and footers that overlaps the main text. This is typically used in letterhead templates to place the address in a text box on the side of the main text. This content should be repeated on each page and is therefore part of the header or footer.

Consider the following letterhead design:


The right blue bar is a TextFrame which is part of the header. The arrow is a Shape object that belongs to the footer of this page section. The next screenshot shows the template in design-mode in TX Text Control:


Objects can be freely moved on the page and will be placed behind the main text when headers and footers are deactivated. When a new page is inserted within the same section, the objects that belong to the header and footer are repeated on following pages as well.


This concept can be also used for watermarks that should be repeated on each page such as typical "confidential" or "draft" watermarks. This feature is completely compatible to MS Word and can be imported and exported from and to the supported formats RTF, DOC and DOCX.

Using TX Text Control, it is possible to add a different header and footer to each section with a first page header/footer and a different header/footer for odd and even pages. Each of these header/footer combinations can have their own background layer that overlaps the main text.

Stay tuned for more features of TX Text Control X15.