In a mail merge process, the direction of data is one-way. But when using the visual controls of TX Text Control to complete a form or to create an invoice where the data must be updated in a database, two-way data direction is required.

To keep the TX Text Control internal TextFields or ApplicationFields as flexible as possible, they do not contain a DataSource property. However, the update process is very easy:

  1. In the TextFieldChanged event, the DataSet is updated.
  2. Then all fields are updated with the new changed DataSet.

This way ensures that other fields with the same name will be updated with the actual changed text. The following screencast illustrates a sample application that shows this update process.

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Test it on your own and download the C# project below.


Visual Studio 2008 and at least a TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 16.0 trial version is required.