FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (September 24, 2002) - TX Text Control is a royalty-free programming component that offers an extensive palette of word processing features. Today, TX Text Control ActiveX 10 was released.

The new PDF export filter enables programmers to create applications that can save directly to Adobe's Portable Document Format. This opens the door to a number of applications that rely on documents being viewed across multiple platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux etc.)

As in previous versions, TX Text Control ActiveX 10 ships in three editions: Starting with the Standard edition that offers basic word processing functionality, the Professional edition is everything developers require to create high-end word processing applications. The Enterprise/XML edition builds on the Standard and Professional editions and in addition offers fully integrated XML and CSS support.

New and Updated in TX Text Control ActiveX 10

  • New PDF export filter
  • New Windows XP button bar
  • New image export
  • Updated HTML filter with stylesheets

Key Features

  • Royalty-free WYSIWYG word processing component
  • Class library and ActiveX
  • Wide range of supported file formats (RTF, DOC, HTML etc.)
  • Multi-language unicode support
  • XML and CSS support