Recently, I have received several questions concerning metrics for tables and how to adjust rows and columns to a given value.

As height and width are measured in twips, it is necessary to convert the value from inches or centimeters in to twips. The conversion is as follows:

1 inch = 1440 twips 1 cm = 567 twips

Knowing this unit of conversion, it is easy to adjust the width to 0.5 inches, for example. The following Visual Basic source code illustrates how to achieve this:

Private Sub columnWidthAdjust()
    Dim i As Integer
        For i = TXTextControl1.TableColumns(
            TXTextControl1.TableAtInputPos) To 1 Step -1
            TableAtInputPos, 0, i, txTableCellHorizontalExt) = 720
    Next i
End Sub

Please note that each column is adjusted separately. Therefore, it is possible to add an array that contains different widths that can in turn be assigned to columns.