Integrate Paper Into Digital Processes

In today's processes, barcodes are included everywhere: Invoices, delivery notes or boarding passes. Barcodes are used to store digital data on paper that can be acquired easily for further processing using laser-based scanners, cameras or mobile phones.

Barcodes can close the gap between online business processes and the paper oriented world. Integrate 20+ barcode types TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms
Barcode Namespace
Barcode Enumerations Enumerations
Barcode.BarcodeType Enumeration Enumeration
Determines the type of barcode that is created by TX Barcode.
into your applications including the popular QR Code or PDF417.

TX Barcode .NET has been specifically designed for the requirements when integrating barcodes into documents, such as invoices. In such documents, the barcode size must be fixed, even if the barcode length differs. TX Barcode .NET implements smart ways to control the actual barcode size and alignment.

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