With the introduction of touch-enabled interfaces in many applications, new requirements are coming up. Users expect tailored interfaces for various scenarios. In a touch-enabled word processor interface for example, suggestions of misspelled words should be accessible immediately.

Interactive spelling suggestions using TX Spell .NET

Thanks to the very fast and powerful suggestion engine of TX Spell .NET, such requirements can be easily fulfilled. Suggestions can be created in real-time and visualized in various ways. In this sample, we simply created a user control with Label controls arranged in a FlowLayoutPanel for each suggestion. If the Label is clicked, the misspelled word at the current input position is replaced with the selected suggestion.

void suggestionPanel_TileClick(object sender,
    SuggestionPanel.TileClickEventArgs e)
        textControl1.MisspelledWords.GetItem(), e.Text);

You can download the sample project for Visual Studio 2012 to do your own tests. At least trial versions of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms and TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms are required.