Cross-browser report template designer

Conventional banded report designers are complex - Text Control reporting is easy to understand and thanks to WYSIWYG, the template is rendered exactly the same like on paper or in an Adobe PDF.

Last week, we announced a new technology to create and modify templates in all typical browsers. This concept allows developers to deploy a reporting system where end-users are able to create and modify MS Word compatible templates across all platforms, devices and browsers.

The following illustration gives an overview of the typical process: Templates are created in Windows or Web applications, stored and merged on a server using the Text Control Reporting engine DocumentServer.MailMerge. Resulting documents can be exported to Adobe PDF or all other supported formats, printed and displayed in a browser.

Cross-browser report template designer

Text Control Reporting provides the same template designer functionality for Windows Forms, WPF or the Web - one concept, all platforms. This way, you can fulfill your customer requirements with one technology.

HTML5-based, WYSIWYG Web Template Designer

In the next version X11, which is targeted for Q3 2014, an HTML5-based, cross-browser template designer will be part of the ASP.NET server version of TX Text Control .NET. This editor doesn't require any client-side browser plug-ins, but pure HTML5 and Javascript. Zero footprint - no plug-ins.

Cross-browser report template designer

The new cross-browser HTML5-based Web editor and template designer runs in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

In order to deploy this editor, no browser settings must be changed, no client-side security settings must be adjusted. You can simply integrate the editor into your ASP.NET Web application.

Get more information and screenshots in our HTML Roadmap. Stay tuned for more details and upcoming online demos.