One of the principal advantages of TX Spell .NET is the direct support of the freely available Hunspell dictionaries from

In our TX Spell .NET Dictionaries section, you can download the tested and verified dictionaries. The Hunspell dictionaries with the file extension *.oxt are actually ZIP files. In order to use those OXT files, change the extension to ZIP and unzip the archive. Typically, the OXT contains a Dictionary file (en_US.dic) and an Affix file (en_US.aff). Those files can be directly loaded in TX Spell .NET.

The verified dictionaries in our download section are already prepared and packaged as ZIP files.

In order to load this dictionary, it must be added to the DictionaryCollection. There are two ways to load this dictionary.

Using the Language Property

  • Copy both files (dic and aff) to the default dictionary folder:

    Default: C:\Program Files\Text Control GmbH\TX Spell 2.0 .NET for Windows Forms\Assembly\Dictionaries\

    Or, when you deploy your application, a Dictionaries subfolder of your application's root directory.

  • In Visual Studio, the dictionary can be selected using the Language property in the Properties window at design-time:

    TX Spell .NET Language

Adding Dictionaries Dynamically

  • Copy both files (dic and aff) to the default dictionary folder.

  • Set the Language property to (none).

  • Now, a new OpenOfficeDictionary can be created and added to the DictionaryCollection dynamically:

    TXTextControl.Proofing.OpenOfficeDictionary ooDic =
        new TXTextControl.Proofing.OpenOfficeDictionary("en_US.dic");

    The parameter of the OpenOfficeDictionary constructor specifies the path for the Hunspell dictionary dic file. Using only the dictionary file name without a directory path, the corresponding dictionary file from the default dictionary folder will be used.