TX Spell .NET has been built from ground up to match the key principles of performance, reliability and accuracy. Based on our experience in word processing applications, we were able to develop a spell checking component that is tailored to the special requirements of such applications.

Especially when working with large files with hundreds of pages, the spell checking engine must be fast -- really fast. When enabling the spell-as-you-type functionality, the whole text must be checked. To avoid long waiting times when users load large documents or when longer text is pasted into an existing document, a fast and at the same time accurate spell checking engine should be used.

When loading a long document, the initial check must be finished quickly. On checking the whole text, every word is checked based on the used dictionaries. Misspelled words are added to the IncorrectWordCollection and, when used in combination with TX Text Control, underlined with a red wiggly line.

The following diagram shows the linear performance on checking 25.000, 50.000, 100.000 and 200.000 words based on the standard US English dictionary:

TX Spell .NET performance

The above diagram shows that TX Spell .NET is able to check about
75.000 words in about a second.

In a word processing application, the end user uses a context menu or a spell checking dialog to correct misspelled words. In such a menu or dialog, TX Spell .NET shows suggestions for a misspelled word. In real-life, this performance indicator is not that important as a single word is processed at a time. Nevertheless, performance is important in this step as well.

Based on the US English dictionary and a 5 characters long word, TX Spell .NET takes less than 0.035 seconds on average per word to create the appropriate suggestions. Based on these numbers, the suggestions can be calculated on-the-fly when opening a context menu. Of course, all numbers depend on the used dictionaries and the words themselves. But these numbers show that the reached performance is nearly unrivaled.

TX Spell .NET performance

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