TX Text Control 17.0 Service Pack 1

I thought to give you an update on what we are currently working on. Our TX Text Control developers are working on Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control 17.0 that includes fixes for issues reported after the release code freeze and after 17.0 was released. This service pack is scheduled for mid-December - so not that far away.

TX Spell

The TX Spell team is investing a lot of time into algorithm improvements for the suggestions of misspelled words. The quality and especially the performance is already outstanding and TX Spell is setting new standards here in the industry. But there is always space for improvements and little tweaks. Expect these improvements to be included in an upcoming service pack as well.

TX Spell ActiveX for Visual Basic 6 - Testers for Closed Beta Wanted!

TX Spell ActiveX is in the works. Many of our ActiveX users asked for a COM version of our new spell checker component. This version is based on the same engine as TX Spell .NET, reaches the same performance and supports the same OpenOffice.org dictionaries and user dictionaries. It can be easily connected and used with TX Text Control ActiveX 17.0 in Visual Basic 6 projects.

Interested in beta testing? Send us an email.