One of the most commonly requested features since the release of version 15.0 is the possibility to store additional information for images and text frames.

Version 15.1 implements an ID and a Name property for these frame-based objects. These properties helps you to find an image or frame based on a specific name. In previous versions, there was no way to get a specific text frame out of the document, though it was possible to iterate through all frames using it's collection. But now, you can use the GetItem method to retrieve a specific text frame.

Consider the following scenario: A text frame is inserted into a template that contains the recipient's address on a letter. During the merge process, you simply need to find that text frame based on it's Name in order to update the text.

The Name property is also compatible to other supported formats like DOCX, DOC or RTF and will be maintained after saving to these formats.

The following code inserts a text frame with the name recipient. It shows that the Name property is maintained after saving as DOCX. Using the GetItem method, the text frame can be retrieved in order to update it's text.

// [C#]
TextFrame frame = new TextFrame(new Size(2000, 2000));
frame.Name = "recipient";

textControl1.TextFrames.Add(frame, -1);

// save as DOCX and reload to prove that the Name is maintained
byte[] data;
textControl1.Save(out data, BinaryStreamType.WordprocessingML);
textControl1.Load(data, BinaryStreamType.WordprocessingML);

textControl1.TextFrames.GetItem("recipient").Selection.Text = "TX Text Control";