Today, 30 years ago, the first version of TX Text Control has been released. Three decades! In 1991, in the same year when Tim Berners-Lee published the first-ever website, TX Text Control was born in form of a small DLL with several KBs in size.

This marked the beginning of a wonderful journey through technology and innovation. Fast forward 30 years, TX Text Control is shipped with millions of software distributions around the globe running document processing tasks in all industries. We are very proud to help companies to implement digital transformation processes in today's business world.

Since then, billions of documents have been created, printed and processed using our technology.

It feels like we just started. Every day, we have new ideas, innovations and a lot of fun. We will never stop to improve document processing tasks to help developers integrating the best components into their leading software.

We would like to thank all of our customers, users and partners around the world.

We ♥ documents.

Find below some highlights in the 30 year history of TX Text Control:

40 years TX Text Control