Creating your First Windows Service with TX Text Control

This tutorial shows how to create a Windows Service with TX Text Control.

Deployment of the Service

For deployment of the service created with the tutorial above, please perform the following steps:

  1. Copy all redistributable files and the executable to a folder. Please make sure to use the proper files according to the application's bitness from Assembly\bin or \Assembly\bin64 subfolder.

    List of redistributable files

  2. Install the service using PowerShell:

    • From the Start menu, select the Windows PowerShell directory, then select Windows PowerShell. (Run as administrator)
    • Run the following command:

      New-Service -Name "YourServiceName" -BinaryPathName .exe
  3. To start the installed Windows Service, open the Services Management Console (Administrative Tools -> Services), find the created Service and click Start. Or use the following PowerShell command to start the service:

    Start-Service -Name "YourServiceName"