Special offer July 2013: TX Text Control

Limited to the month of July, our special offer gives you the Enterprise features for the Professional license pricing.

One of the most popular Enterprise features is the possibility to export the document in the ISO standard format Adobe PDF/A.

The advantages of having an electronic archive for enterprises are significant: You have direct access to all documents, you can search on the documents and electronic archives unlock information that were hidden on paper.

The goal of the PDF/A format is to guarantee the same rendering after years of electronic archiving. Some features are ommitted such as font linking, Javascript, encrpytion and transparent layers.

Using TX Text Control Enterprise, it is very easy to create standard compliant PDF/A documents. The FontSettings.EmbeddableFontsOnly property specifies that only embeddable fonts can be used in a document. TX Text Control allows only OpenType and TrueType fonts to be embeddable. This property must be set to true, if a document is to be saved in Adobe PDF/A format.

The saving process itself is very easy: To export the document to a PDF/A, the Save method has to be used with the AdobePDFA StreamType enumeration.

textControl1.FontSettings.EmbeddableFontsOnly = true;
textControl1.Save("c:\\test.pdf", TXTextControl.StreamType.AdobePDFA);

If you open the created file in Acrobat Reader, the PDF/A compliance will be visualized in a small toast note at the top of the Window.

PDF/A in Acrobat Reader created in TX Text Control

Using additional FontSettings, you can define what kind of fonts can be used in TX Text Control. Possible settings are:

  • EmbeddableFontsOnly
  • ScalableFontsOnly
  • TrueTypeFontsOnly

In case TX Text Control is not able to embed the used font into the document, the font will be automatically replaced based on advanced replacement algorithms. When a font is replaced, the AdaptFont event is raised and gives you the option to specify another font by presenting a suggestion.

Test this and more Enterprise features and download the fully featured trial version today!

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