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Easy to use and effortless to integrate: Using TX Spell .NET, you can easily integrate professional spell checking into your TX Text Control based applications.

Add spell checking for more than 80 languages without writing a single line of code.

Limited to March 2013, we are offering a 20% discount for all TX Spell .NET licenses.

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TX Spell .NET enjoys a deep integration within TX Text Control. Integrating TX Spell .NET into TX Text Control requires no code - it can be easily connected using the Visual Studio designer. The following steps are required to add spell checking to your applications:

  1. Start Visual Studio .NET and create a new project. Select either Visual Basic or C# as a project type, and Windows Application as a template.

  2. Find the TX Text Control 18.0 toolbox tab that was created automatically. Drag and drop an instance of TextControl to your form.

  3. Find the TX Spell 3.0 toolbox tab in Visual Studio. Drag and drop an instance of TXSpellChecker to your form. It is displayed in the component tray at the bottom of the form.

    TX Spell
  4. Select the inserted TextControl and find the SpellChecker property in the Properties window. Click on the drop-down box and select the inserted TXSpellChecker instance.

    TX Spell
  5. In the same window, find the IsSpellCheckingEnabled property of TextControl and set it to true.

Using these easy steps, you have access to the integrated context menu, spell check dialog and the options dialog to add and modify user dictionaries.

TX Spell

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