We are currently trying to find out how to improve the support for other third-party components. I know that many of you are using a third-party UI component suite to style your applications based on the latest guidelines from Microsoft Office for example.

Consider the ribbonbar introduced with Microsoft Office 2007. It is a form of a toolbar that replaces the menus and the regular buttonbar. It quickly makes sense that a ribbon can't be integrated into a component like TX Text Control due to the fact that it is more a menu than a specific toolbar.

Nevertheless, the functionality of the shipped TX Text Control buttonbar can be integrated into a third-party ribbonbar. The TX Text Control API offers the complete interface to create your own toolbars. On the other hand, the integration can be very complex and time-consuming.

That is the reason why we are currently trying to figure out how we can help you to integrate the functionality into your already used UI component suites.

We prepared a quick survey to find out which component suites our users are using. It is quickly done - just 3 short questions. Please take the time to complete the following survey in order to help you to offer an effortless integration with third-party UI components:

Click here to take survey

Thanks for your help!